HDHomeRun Announces the CONNECT DUO+ OTA DVR

This week at CES SiliconDust announced the CONNECT DUO+ network DVR for over-the-air TV with 250 GB of storage.

“With our latest out of the box tuner solution free OTA TV has never been easier to access. Users can now record directly to the built-in 250Gb storage of the CONNECT DUO+ using our preloaded DVR engine*,” SiliconDust said in their announcement. That will allow you to record 60 hours of HD OTA TV. If you want extra storage you will need to connect to a network storage as the CONNECT DUO+ does not allow an external hard drive to be connected.

The new CONNECT DUO+ DVR allows you to stream your antenna on two devices simultaneously, enabling you to watch live TV and record a show at the same time. It comes preloaded with the HDHomeRun engine to DVR recorded content directly on your CONNECT DUO+ DVR. (There is a monthly fee for the guide data.)

With this new DVR from SiliconDust, you can stream your recordings and antenna to Windows 10, Android tablets and phones (4.4.2), Android TV streaming boxes and devices (5.0), TVs with Android OS, Fire TV OS television, Apple OSX (10.11), iOS (v10), and screen mirror to compatible Samsung and Apple devices. Device support includes Sony PS3 and PS4, XBox One and XBox One X, and Nvidia Shield Pro. (At this time there is no Roku support.)

This is the first time you will be able to use the SiliconDust DVR without having to have a second device to manage the recordings.

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