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Here is Every Local DIRECTV NOW Currently Offers (Updated March 2018)

Recently AT&T sent Cord Cutters News a full list of locals that DIRECTV NOW currently has. This is the first time we have received an official list of DIRECTV NOW affiliates in a few months. We also learned that DIRECTV NOW has topped as best we can tell 300 live locals. This puts DIRECTV NOW in a close battle with PlayStation Vue for second place along with YouTube TV. Currently, Hulu holds the lead with over 400 live locals.

IMPORTANT: Now we believe this list to be slightly out of date. Since this list was made more locals have been added and we need your help to add every local currently offered by DIRECTV NOW. Did you notice a local that is missing? Leave us a comment and let us know.

Here is every local DIRECTV NOW currently offers:

Albany, NY X
Albuquerque, NM X X
Ames, IA X
Anchorage, AK X
Asheville, NC X X
Atlanta, GA X X X X X
Austin, TX X X
Baltimore, MD X X  X X
Bangor, ME X
Bend, OR X
Biloxi, MS X
Birmingham, AL X X
Boston, MA X X X X X
Bozeman, MT X
Brunswick, GA X X
Buffalo, NY X X
Butte, MT X
Charleston, WV X X X
Charolette, NC X X X X
Chicago, IL X X X X X
Cincinnati, OH X X
Cleveland, OH X  X X X
Columbia, MO X
Columbus, MS X
Columbus, OH X X X
Dallas, TX X X X X X
Dayton, OH X X X
Daytona Beach, FL X X X X
Denver, CO X X X X
Des Moines, IA X
Detroit, MI X X X X X
Durham, NC X  X
El Centro, CA X
Eugene, OR X
Evansville, IN X
Fresno, CA X X
Ft. Lauderdale, FL X X X X
Ft. Myers, FL X X X
Ft. Pierce, FL X X
Ft. Worth, TX X X X X X
Gainsville, FL X
Grand Rapids, MI X X
Great Falls, MT X
Green Bay, WI X
Green, Bay, WI X X X
Greensboro, NC X X X X
Greensville, SC X X
Gulfport, MS X
Hagerstown, MD X X X X X
Harrisburg, PA X X
Hartford, CT X X
Honolulu, HI X
Houston, TX X X  X X X
Huntington, WV X X X
Hutchinson, KS X
Indianapolis, IN X X X
Jacksonville, FL X  X X
Jefferson City, MO X
Joplin, MO X
Juneau, AK X
Kalamazoo, MI X X
Kansas City, MO X  X X X
Knoxville, TN X
Lafeyette, LA X
Lancaster, PA X X
Las Vegas, NV X
Lexington, KY X X X X
Lima, OH X
Little Rock, AR X X
Los Angeles, CA X X X X X
Louisville, KY X X X
Melbourne, FL X X
Memphis, TN X
Miami, FL X X X X
Milwaukee, WI X X X
Minneapolis, MN X X X X X
Missoula, MT X
Mobile, AL X
Modesto, CA X X X X
Myrtle Beach, SC X
Naples, FL X X X
Nashville, TN  X X  X X
New Bedford, MA X
New Haven, CT X X
New Orleans, LA X X
New York, NY X X X X X
Newport News, VA X
Norfolk, VA X
Oakland, CA X X X X X
Oklahoma City, OK X X X
Orlando, FL X X X X
Palm Springs, CA X
Pensacola, FL X
Petersburg, VA X
Pheonix, AZ X  X X X X
Philadelphia, PA X X X X X
Pine Bluff, AR X X
Pittsburgh, PA X X  X X X
Portland, OR X X
Providence, RI X
Raleigh, NC X  X
Richmond, VA X
Roanoke, VA X X X
Sacramento, CA X X X X X
Salem, NC X X X X
Salt Lake City, UT X X
San Antonio, TX X X X
San Diego, CA X X X
San Francisco, CA X X X X X
San Jose, CA X X X X X
San Luis Obispo, CA X
Santa Barbra, CA X
Sante Fe, NM X X
Schenectady, NY X
Scranton, PA X
Seattle, WA X X  X X X
Spartanburg, SC X X
Springfield, MO X
St. Joseph, MO X
St. Louis, MO X X X X
St. Paul, MN X X X X X
St. Petersburg, FL X X X X
Stockton, CA X X X X
Tacoma, WA X X X
Tampa, FL X X X X
Troy, NY X
Tulsa, OK X X X X
Tupelo, MS X
Visalia, CA X
Visalla, CA X
Washington, DC X X X X X
West Palm Beach, FL X X
Wichita, KS  X X  X
Wilkes Barre, PA X
Winston, NC X X X X
Yuma, AZ X

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