Here is What is Leaving Netflix For the Rest of November and December 2015

Netflix FamilyThe December list is just a preliminary list as Netflix has not officially released everything that is leaving Netflix in December. Yet we wanted to give you a early start so you can watch everything you want before it leaves Netflix.

Here is everything leaving in November:

Leaving 11/22/15

Alpha and Omega: The Legend of the Saw Tooth Cave (2014)

Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview (2012)

Leaving 11/24/15

Art of Flight: The Series (2012)

Leaving 11/27/15

Burning Man (2011)

Leviathan (2012)

Leaving 11/28/15

Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap (2012)

Leaving 11/29/15

Romanzo Criminale: Season 1-2

Salamander: Season 1 (2012)

Leaving 11/30/15

Jesus Henry Christ (2011)

Virginia (2010)

Here is everything leaving in December that we know of so far:

December 1 

Angelo Rules 3D (2009)

In Need of Romance (2011)

Big and Small (2008)

Moster Math Squad (2012)

Plankton Invasion 3D (2012)

Pope Pius XII (2010)

Rastamouse (2011)

Shut Up & Let’s Go (2012)

The Guardian (2003)

December 11

The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (2012)

Resue Me (2011)

The Story of Film: An Odyssey (2011)

December 13

Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers (2011)

Here is everything still coming to Netflix in November:

November 20

  • LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu: Season 3
  • Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Season 1
  • Sin Tetas No Hay Paraiso

November 23

  • The Red Road: Season 2
  • Ultimate Spider Man: Season 3

November 24

  • Liv and Maddie: Season 2

November 25

  • Gringolandia: Season 3
  • Home
  • Switched at Birth: Season 4

November 26

  • Zipper

November 28

  • A Perfect Man
  • Best of Enemies
  • The Best Offer

November 29

  • Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films

**Please note this is all subject to change as contracts between Netflix and content owners often change on short notice. Please use this as a guide not the final word on what will happen.

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