Hitbliss Lays off their Staff and Closes their US Office

Cord Cutters News has recently confirmed from sources in the company that Hitbliss closed their US development and business office and have laid off all their US staff. From looking at Linkedin pages of former staff, we see they all left Hitbliss at approximately the same time; leading us to believe there was a mass layoff announcement sometime last year. We can also now confirm their telephone was recently disconnected.

IMG_1025 (1)
Hitbliss’s former office as seen from the public hallway.

This is a big change from a few weeks ago when we ran a story about the possible future of Hitbliss. At that time Hitbliss phones where still connected with an active voice mail system.

Hitbliss was a service that had users watch ads to earn credits, which they could use to buy TV shows, movies, Pandora memberships, etc. While some did not like the idea of watching ads, the service seemed to grow an almost cult like following.

The site for Hitbliss is still running, but has not been updated since April of 2014. The copyright at the bottom of the page still says 2014, and many of the pages are no longer online.

The owners of Hitbliss do not appear to have any other jobs at this time, but have been silent about Hitbliss since it ended its public beta about a year ago.

We have done everything we can to reach out to the owners of Hitbliss. Sadly, they have not replied to any of our attempts for comment.

We did look to see if there was a bankruptcy, or other legal filings, for Hitbliss or their owners, but found nothing.

For now, it looks like earning free shows and movies on Amazon has come to an end with no future in sight for its return.

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