House of Cards on Cable TV? It May Soon Happen…

House of Cards has been a flagship show for Netflix for years now. For many when they think of Netflix original shows they think of House of Cards.

However, Sony owns the global distribution rights and has been approaching cable and broadcast networks to gauge their interest in acquiring reruns of past seasons of the show. This would be interesting turning point for Netflix because in the past it was Netflix working hard to get access to broadcast TV shows but now the tables may turn.

Right now there is no confirmed buyer, but it is reported that Sony has several networks interested in a possible deal. There are several issues though as House of Cards was not made for traditional pay TV. There are run-time issues and content issues that would likely force the winning network to sacrifice story or ad space along with having to cut it down to meet FCC rules for traditional broadcast TV.

At the same time this may be a win for Netflix. Putting House of Cards on traditional pay TV could open it up to new subscribers. While many Americans pay for Netflix, there are still a large number who do not and many who have never paid for Netflix.

Netflix may be hoping that having its flagship original show seen by more Americas will attract more subscribers.


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