How Much Data Does Amazon Prime Video Use? You Asked We Answer

If you have an internet plan with a data limit, it’s important to pay attention to how much data your streaming services are using. Amazon makes it easy to see how much data you’ll use per hour with Prime Video, along with giving viewers options for using less data.

When streaming with Amazon Prime Video, you’ll have the option of choose from three quality options: Good, Better, and Best. Good uses about 0.38 GB per hour, Better uses about 1.40 GB per hour, and Best uses about 6.84 GB per hour. To change the quality of your video, click on the video settings and make your choice.For comparison, Netflix also offers 3 data usage settings: Low, Medium, and High. Low uses 0.3 GB per hour, Medium (SD) uses 0.7 GB per hour, and High (UHD) uses 3 GB per hour

If you feel that you’re using too much data when streaming with Prime, you can switch to a lower quality. If you’re using a mobile device, there’s also a Data Saver option which reduces the amount of data used even more. Keep in mind that reducing data used will also reduce your video quality. Also note that changing the quality on one device will not change it on all devices, so be sure to set your preferences on each device you use to open Prime Video.

Worried about reaching your data cap? This post has more tips for helping you limit your data usage.

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