How To Customize the Font and Color of Subtitles on Disney+

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Disney+ is pretty bare-bones and user friendly for a large streaming service, probably since it’s geared toward all ages of viewers, including kids. But it does have some features you may not know about that make your viewing experience even better, like customized subtitle fonts and colors.

This customizable feature is both cool and useful because A) who doesn’t want to make their subtitles a “casual” font that looks suspiciously like Comic Sans, and B) changing the color, size and shape of the subtitles can actually make them more readable, especially for those with dyslexia or poor eyesight.

How to Customize Subtitles on Disney+

Web Browser, LGTVs, Samsung Tizen Smart TVs and other Smart TVs

  1. Enable Subtitles and Closed Captioning
  2. Remain on the subtitles and closed captioning page after selecting the keyboard in the upper right corner of your screen.
  3. A ‘Settings’ gear will now be in the upper right corner, click here.
  4. Use the features and options to customize your subtitles and captions to your desired color, size, font and more!

To customize the colors and fonts on Disney+ subtitles, you’ll need to be viewing on a Smart TV or web browser a browser. As of right now, mobile and set-top box versions don’t have the option to customize.

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