How to watch the Carolina Hurricanes

The Carolina Hurricanes, or the Canes, as many like to call them, are North Carolina’s ice hockey team. In fact, they set a state record in 2006 by becoming the first North Carolina team to win a major professional sports championship. That win was for the Stanley Cup, the NHL’s playoff trophy. Like many teams, the Canes have had their ups and downs in recent years. In 2019, they secured a playoff spot for the first time since 2009, eventually losing in the first round to the Boston Bruins. But with some new additions to the team, the upcoming season could be an interesting one to watch. Here’s how to stream Hurricanes games without paying for cable. 

What channels show the Carolina Hurricanes games?

The vast majority of Carolina Hurricanes games air on FOX Sports Carolinas. As it’s a regional sports network, streaming the channel is a little trickier than national counterparts. But Hulu + Live TV will give you the key to the FOX Sports Go app, which allows you to watch a wide range of regional games from anywhere. All you have to do is log in with your streaming service credentials. 

The only other network that allows you to watch a Hurricanes game live is NBC Sports Network. Again, Hulu + Live TV is the best option for this channel. It comes with only one package to make life easier and is one of the most affordable live TV streaming choices. 

Streaming the Carolina Hurricanes live without cable

 fuboTVHuluSling TVYouTube TVAT&T TV Now
Fox Sports Carolinas     
NBC Sports Network

How to watch the Carolina Hurricanes on Hulu + Live TV

Hulu + Live TV is one of the streaming services to have been hit with FOX Sports difficulties. The platform recently announced it would be dropping all 21 of FOX Sports’ regional networks. You may not be able to watch FOX Sports Carolinas directly through Hulu anymore, but you can log into the FOX Sports Go app with your Hulu details to watch Hurricanes live streams.

The service comes with more than 65 channels and thousands of on-demand titles. When it comes to sports, you can watch everything from FS1 to NBC Sports Network for $54.99/mo. There are plenty of specialist options, too, with NASCAR races, golf tournaments, and college sports all available. As there’s only one package, all users receive the same amount of storage space for recordings. The limit is 50 hours, but can be extended to 200 hours for an extra $9.99/mo. — a worthwhile investment if you’re a mega sports fan with too many games to watch. Hulu + Live TV comes with a seven-day free trial. That’s plenty of time to get up-to-date with all the goings-on from the NHL.

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How to watch the Carolina Hurricanes on fuboTV

fuboTV is a little pricier than the likes of Hulu + Live TV, but does offer way more sports, including NBC Sports Network and access to the FOX Sports Go app. (A win for Hurricanes fanatics.) There are 2 English-language plans to choose from. The $64.99/mo. Family package has 100+ channels and 250 hours of cloud DVR, while the $79.99/mo. Elite plan has an extra 40 channels and 1,000 hours of recording space. (A third Spanish-language plan exists for $29.99/mo.) 

As well as its extensive sports coverage, which ranges from Big Ten Network to NBA TV, fuboTV also stands out from the crowd with its 4K broadcasts. Select games and events air in this ultra-sharp resolution throughout the year, providing a highly realistic experience for viewers. Plus, its Startover feature allows you to restart live games from the very beginning — perfect if you’ve missed the first few minutes. Like most live TV streaming services, fuboTV offers a seven-day free trial.

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How to watch the Carolina Hurricanes on YouTube TV

YouTube’s streaming service, YouTube TV, comes complete with 85+ channels, including CBS Sports Network, ESPN, FS1, and NBC Sports Network. Unfortunately, FOX Sports Carolinas no longer appears on the channel list, causing an issue for anyone who wants to watch the Carolina Hurricanes. But that issue may be solved by logging into the FOX Sports Go app. Of course, the service, which costs $64.99/mo., comes with plenty of upsides. Its biggest is unlimited cloud DVR. Views filters are also worth looking at for the latest real-time stats, league scores, or vital replays. Spoilers are naturally absent from the screen.

It’s also worth noting that YouTube TV has invested heavily in its sports. Almost 20 channels are dedicated entirely to various leagues and games, whether it’s baseball’s MLB Network or basketball’s NBA TV. Unfortunately, hockey’s major name, NHL Network, isn’t yet available. But you can see if the current network line-up is right for you by signing up for a generous two-week trial. Don’t forget to check out the on-demand sports content, too.

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How to watch the Carolina Hurricanes on Sling TV

Like most other streaming services, Sling TV doesn’t allow members to watch FOX Sports Carolinas straight from the platform. But it does give you access to FOX Sports Go for some local Hurricanes games. Renowned for its affordable slimline packages, Sling TV’s prices start from just $30/mo. Two packages, Orange or Blue, offer a variety of different channels. For example, Orange users can browse over 30 networks such as ESPN. Blue users, on the other hand, have 40+ channels like FOX and NBC. Can’t choose between them? Sign up for the $45/mo. combined package instead. 

 Each plan comes with the same amount of cloud DVR: just 10 hours. Don’t panic, for you can upgrade to 50 hours for an additional $5/mo. Similarly, there are a bunch of tempting add-ons to invest in, from an extra sports boost to more comedy and lifestyle. The free trial may only be three days long, but that should give you the perfect opportunity to see just how Sling does in the sports streaming competition.

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How to watch the Carolina Hurricanes on AT&T TV Now

There isn’t a sports channel that can’t be found in AT&T TV Now’s line-up. The catch is you may have to pay a high price to view them all. The service currently has 8 packages, ranging from the cheapest package — the Plus, which gives 45+ networks for $55/mo. — to the Premier, the most expensive at $183/mo. for more than 140 networks. But to watch the Carolina Hurricanes via FOX Sports Carolinas, you’ll still have to log in through the FOX Sports Go app. Alternatively, you can wait until a game airs on NBC Sports Network. Other sports essentials available through AT&T TV Now include MLB Network and NBA TV  along with nationals like CBS and FOX.

Only select packages, including the Plus plan, come with a seven-day free trial, so choose wisely before committing. But know that when you do sign up, you’ll be gifted with 500 hours of recording space and the ability to watch games offline, no matter where you are.

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