How to Watch the New X-Files Episodes Online for Free

Fox has been known to have a strange love-hate relationship with cord cutters, but now it seems like they are at least making an overture to cord cutters with the new X-Files episodes.

All six new X-Files episodes will be made available for free the day after they air live on FoxNow with out a cable subscription. You can still watch them live for free over the air with an antenna, but this brings one more option for cord cutters who miss the show or just want to watch it online later.

This is a great step in the right direction and hopefully marks the start of Fox becoming more cord-cutting friendly.

Fox Networks have long been known as some of the more unfriendly channels for cord cutters. Fox News, Fox Sports, and the Big Ten network are all almost black holes for cord cutters unlike their competitors, like ESPN, that have been making strides toward becoming more cord-cutter friendly.

As cord cutting continues to grow, hopefully channels like Fox News and Fox Sports will jump on board and create a subscription network or partner with a service like Sling TV. Although there is no evidence of this, seeing Fox make more content available without a cable subscription or paywall is a step in the right direction.

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