How to watch the NFL on Hulu Live TV

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With a Hulu + Live TV subscription, you can stream hard-hitting NFL football action as it unfolds — and that includes the Super Bowl. A Hulu Live TV plan gives you access to every networks you will need to watch local and national NFL broadcasts, and you can watch on-demand content when your favorite teams aren’t doing so hot. Most NFL football games are shown on CBS, ESPN, FOX, or NBC —depending on which game you’re after. The service offers access to local ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC broadcasts in select areas. So, depending on where you live, you might even be able to catch local NFL games with Hulu + Live TV. Read on to discover everything you need to know about streaming the NFL with Hulu + Live TV.

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Hulu + Live TV plans and sports channels 

Hulu + Live TV only offers one plan, although you can always pump up your experience with add-ons. 

 Hulu + Live TV
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NFL Network
NFL Redzone

Can I stream every NFL game on Hulu + Live TV?

You can stream the majority of NFL games on CBS for AFC teams and FOX for NFC teams — these are the two most common channels for watching NFL football games. 

Aside from games on CBS and FOX, you can also watch Sunday Night Football on NBC and Monday Night Football on ESPN. Thursday night games are available on FOX and NFL Network. You can’t get NFL Network or NFL Redzone on Hulu + Live TV, but you do have access to FOX so you can still stream some Thursday night matchups. With Hulu + Live TV, you won’t have access to Thursday evening games and Saturday doubleheaders broadcast by NFL Network.

But what about local team coverage? Hulu + Live TV is one of the few streaming services that carries local programming from channels such as ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC. Keep in mind that Hulu + Live TV only offers local channels in select locations. Contact the provider to determine availability. 

To get even more content, consider opting for the Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu + Live TV bundle. For $61.99/mo., you’ll get tons of Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel movies and shows, access to live and on-demand sports programming through ESPN, and everything else Hulu + Live TV has to offer. 

Can I stream my favorite NFL teams on Hulu Live?

If you don’t have cable, finding a streaming service that covers your regional sports network can be tricky. Thankfully, Hulu + Live TV provides access to local news and sports coverage in many areas. Check with the service to make sure it offers access to local networks in your area.

All local games are subject to blackouts. So if less than 85% of the tickets for your game have been sold 72 hours before kick-off, you won’t be watching the matchup live on TV. 

 Hulu + Live TV 
Sling TV Orange + Blue
fuboTV Standard 
Arizona Cardinals(FOX)XXX
Atlanta Falcons(FOX)XXX
Baltimore Ravens (CBS)X X
Buffalo Bills(CBS)X X
Carolina Panthers(FOX)XXX
Chicago Bears(FOX)XXX
Cincinnati Bengals(CBS)X X
Cleveland Browns(CBS)X X
Dallas Cowboys(FOX)XXX
Denver Broncos(FOX)X X
Detroit Lions(FOX)XXX
Green Bay Packers(FOX)X X
Houston Texans(CBS)X X
Indianapolis Colts(CBS)X  
Jacksonville Jaguars(CBS)X X
Kansas City Chiefs(CBS)X X
Las Vegas Raiders(CBS)X X
Los Angeles Chargers(CBS)X X
Los Angeles Rams(FOX)XXX
Miami Dolphins(CBS)X X
Minnesota Vikings(FOX)XXX
New England Patriots(CBS)X X
New Orleans Saints(FOX)X X
New York Giants(FOX)XXX
New York Jets(CBS)X X
Philadelphia Eagles(FOX)XXX
Pittsburgh Steelers(CBS)X X
San Francisco 49ers(FOX)XXX
Seattle Seahawks(FOX)X X
Tampa Bay Buccaneers(Fox)XXX
Tennessee Titans(CBS)X X
Washington Redskins(Fox)XXX

The final cut

If you don’t have cable, but don’t want to miss out on NFL action, a live TV streaming service like Hulu + Live TV is the way to go. A lot of live TV streaming platforms don’t have every channel you need, and some don’t have regional sports networks, so you can’t even watch local games, but Hulu + Live TV isn’t one of them.

Your subscription to Hulu + Live TV lets you stream every nationally broadcast game shown on CBS, ESPN, FOX, or NBC. Local news and sports coverage is available depending on where you live. If you live in an area where Hulu doesn’t provide live local channel coverage, you can always use an antenna, such as the HDHomeRun, to stream live local broadcasts directly to your TV. Simply connect your antenna to your router and plug your devices in to start streaming. This means you can enjoy regional sports on your computer, game console, media streamer, smart TV, tablet, or mobile phone. And with Hulu + Live TV, you can do so without a cable subscription. You can give the service a whirl without spending a penny — Hulu + Live TV comes with a seven-day free trial. 

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