How to Watch Your Antenna on Your Amazon Fire TV & Fire TV Stick

Want to watch your antenna through your Fire TV? There are several devices that will let you stream your antenna to your Fire TV and many of them even allow you to DVR programs from your antenna.

Now you could buy a Fire TV Edition Smart TV. That would allow you to connect your antenna directly into your TV and have it appear in the Fire TV home screen that is built in to your Fire TV. Today, though, we are going to look at how to stream your antenna to your Fire TV and Fire TV Stick.

Fire TV Recast DVR

Last year, Amazon released a DVR specifically built for the Fire TV. The Fire TV Recast will put your locals directly into the Fire TV home screen and the built-in grid guide. The only downside is the Fire TV Recast only works with Fire TV players, Android, and iOS.

You can find the Fire TV Recast on Amazon HERE.

Tablo DVR

The Tablo DVR will not only DVR your shows from your antenna but also stream them to your Fire TV along with a long list of devices. You can watch both on-demand and live content from your antenna with the Tablo DVR.

You can find the Tablo DVR on Amazon HERE.


With the AirTV you can stream to your Fire TV both through the Sling TV app and a separate free AirTV app. The best part is no subscription is needed to use the AirTV.

You can find the AirTV on Amazon HERE.

ClearStream TV

The ClearStream TV is a small stick that turns your antenna into a Wi-Fi antenna. There is no DVR, but you can stream your antenna to multiple devices with the ClearStream TV.

You can find the ClearStream TV on Amazon HERE.


With an HDHomeRun you can stream your antenna to your Fire TV. If you have a home media service you can also use the HDHomeRun to act as a DVR for your antenna.

You can find the HDHomeRun on Amazon HERE.

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