Hub: TV and Movies Account for 48% of Consumers’ Total Screen Time

Today, people spend more time in front of a screen than ever before. Whether it’s for, scrolling social media, gaming, or more, screens are an integral part of consumers’ everyday entertainment choices.

According to new data from Hub Research’s Video Redefined report, consumers spend 48% of their screen time watching TV shows and movies, with 34% of that time on TV and 14% spent watching movies. However, those numbers are down from 2020’s total of 53% on TV and movies.

Numbers will likely continue to fall as more screen time options become available in the palm of everyone’s hand.

Younger consumers are less likely to spend as much time watching TV and movies than their older counterparts. Those ages 13-24 spend 57% of their screen time on online videos, gaming, and social media, compared to the 28% spent by those over age 35. The younger generation spends most of their time on gaming (25%) and online videos (19%), while the older generation watches more TV by far than any other category (45%).

It seems the older you are, the more priority you place on watching TV as your preferred form of leisure screen time. Consumers age 13-24 spend 15.3 hours a week watching TV, those age 25-34 spend nearly 19 hours, and those 35+ watch about 22.7 hours of TV per week. The graph numbers are in reverse order for online video usage, with Gen Z watching more than any other demographic (13.7 hours/week).