Hulu Beta

Hulu is Adding a Dynamic Guide to Their Live TV Service

Today Hulu announced that they are testing out a new Dynamic Guide for their live TV service. This new guide is designed to make finding the content you want easier than ever on Hulu.

“We know that many of you love the new UI, but we also know that many of you miss having a channel guide for Live TV. So, on the Web experience for live TV, we have enhanced the UI to make it easier to see what’s on now, what’s on next and change the channel while you watch and plan for your afternoon or night of TV. ” Said Ben Smith Head of Experience at Hulu.

Currently, the new guide is only available on the web but Hulu says it will be rolling out to additional platforms in the coming months.

Here is everything that is new:

  • Access during live playback from the guide icon in the lower left corner, or hover your cursor near the left side of the browser window
  • Scroll through all of your channels to see what’s on now, or click the arrow on the right to see what’s up next on any channel
  • Click on the channel logo or the program name to start watching that channel
  • Easily find and sort your favorite sports, news or kids programming by using the filter at the top of the guide

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  • Yay, a normal guide! Hopefully it comes to phones and boxes/sticks soon.

  • Les Prouty


  • Scott

    Long overdue. No Bham locals and one direction restrictive DVR still make it a no go. So, is this Ben Smith guy on his way out? Big UX miss on his part for holding out this long.

  • Fred Koot

    Get ready for the lawsuits

    • Scott

      To close to DTVNow?

      • Fred Koot

        Tivo sues everyone with a guide

        • Scott

          Interesting. The first thought I had when seeing the new Hulu guide was how similar it looked to DTVNow. Tivo was a pioneer in the space. For all practical purposes, their future hinges on their ability to licensing (and enforce) their patents.

          • TaiPeng

            Nope. Different product. Every product has a guide. That is like suing car manufacturers over the wheel. TIVO is not a cable company it requires a cable company to work. This product is an entirely different patent.

          • Fred Koot

            Tivo was bought by a company called Rovi and is using the Tivo name. Rovi invented the Tv guide and has thousands of patents for it. Anytime someone uses a guide and many tv functions they have to pay Tvio/Rovi royalties. You will see Hulu and cable companies have had many legal battles with Tivo/Rovi.

          • TaiPeng

            Do car manufacturers pay royalties to the family of the man who invented the wheel?

          • Fred Koot

            What does that have to do with the Tv guide being patented?

          • bbock

            The point is it’s not the guide being patented per se, it’s a lot of thing that make a guide work being patented that is the problem. Thing is, I thought TiVo’s patents were soon to expire.

          • HeyRadar

            Not for tires at this point, but they do for other features, such as backup sensors.

            There is a limitation on how long a patent has to be licensed, but who knows what is in their list. They could have something like “the ability to receive the list of shows over a network.”

            One popular patent that recently expired was the MP3 audio format.

  • Iphart

    Let’s see this on the devices. I do not watch tv on my computer.

  • CX1

    I find the need UI a complete PIA to use on Roku.

  • Darnell

    Slowly Hulu is making their way to a respectable Channel Guide. They did accurately note the service as “Beta”…

  • MacHead84

    Must have 16 year old CEOs at Hulu to actually think not having a Guide was a good idea

  • John

    So the finally are giving us a better guide. Now PC browser version needs DVR.

    • TaiPeng

      Wait it doesn’t have on demand on the computer?

      • John

        Yes, it has on-demand. It doesn’t have DVR yet.

        • TaiPeng

          Hulu has DVR.

  • NotMyCombOver

    Now all they need is to add another stream and I might look at their live service….

  • mrcruz88

    Now fix the streams so that they don’t constantly buffer at the hour mark. Thanks

    • Slave_to-the_man

      You got to an hour? I barely made 20 minutes.

    • TaiPeng

      The UI – everything is 5 menus away.

      I will test the newest guide on my Mac tomorrow.

  • TaiPeng

    No guide for months on no computer mobile devices? Oh come on Hulu! Why is everything streaming always pushed back to 2018?

  • nimbyyg

    In case anyone didn’t notice that’s for “Live” Hulu … well I didn’t, and thought I’d point it out. Who reads headlines?

  • Robert Frankenfield

    “Many of you love the UI”? Oh really??? The UI Is horrid with the constant color changes makes me feel like I”m going to have a seizure. Trying to find what I want is damn near impossible. Constantly showing me titles I don’t care about doesn’t support your claim to people loving the UI. Who the hell makes the UI decisions for Hulu? A two year old?

  • TV Barrington

    Many of us loved the new UI? If this were really true, then Hulu would probably never be doing this to begin with. This indicates to me they got a ton of serious negative feedback and they are trying to spin their screw up. Ever since the new UI was revealed, I can’t recall seeing any favorable comments about it. It shows me they probably never tested this UI before a consumer panel, and if there was a panel of testers, it seems like it could have been their own employees that might have been concerned about saying they didn’t like it.

    I realize this article is primarily talking about the website, with possible hopes of changing the streaming apps soon, but speaking for myself, the UI takes too long to navigate to the content that I actually have saved and want to watch. It’s like I have to jump through hoops to reach a show and it’s episodes. Sure they might have initially felt the design was simple, but sometimes simple ends up being far more complex.

    You want the customer to enjoy using your site or app. Even though you may want/need to promote your own things, you want the user to easily get to where they want to be quickly. However, Hulu isn’t the only guilty party. It’s nothing like being on the Netflix app and having to scroll all of the way down past everything else at times just to reach “My List” that’s located at the very bottom. When I want to watch something, I want to watch it now. I’m not wanting to surf all through their site/app just to reach my show or channels selections that I saved.

    Some of the apps totally suck at how the user has to wade through content and channels, and some seem to be slowly getting better with what the consumer is wanting. Don’t tell the consumer what they want. The majority knows exactly what they want, and if you choose to ignore them, then they will eventually find the closest to what they want elsewhere.