Hulu Becomes a Dating Service & All The Other Cord Cutters April Fools Pranks…

HuluDateWell its April 1st and April Fools Day pranks are in full swing in the cord cutting world.

So here are all of the pranks we found around the cord cutting world so far:


Netflix has decided April 1st is John Stamos Day and loaded  their recommendations with everything John Stamos. From Comedies he likes to Dramas that make him feel- you will find it all there.

To see your John Stamos personalized recommendation just head over to your Netflix app.


Love Snoop Dog? Now you can watch YouTube with Snoop Dog in a 360 degree setting. What could be better than Snoop Dog and YouTube?

Want to see how Snoop Dog 360 will word? Find out here:


Hulu decided to ditch that whole streaming thing and focus on dating through streaming. Why just watch Family Guy when you could watch it and go on a date?

You can find their new dating service here:

Did you find any April Fools pranks around the web? Post them in the comments so others can check it out. (We will also be updating this list as we find other pranks.)

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