Hulu Blocks Pre-Paid Credit Cards

The-Blacklist-2014Did you use a pre-paid credit card to pay for your Hulu account? If so, we have bad news for you . . . Hulu is reportedly moving to block pre-paid credit cards.

You may be wondering why Hulu would block them, and the reason is simple: many people use pre-paid credit cards to purchase Hulu when they do not live within the United States. Pre-paid credit cards rarely confirm the used address is real, which allows people to get around the GEO lock on credit cards many services like Hulu use.

Now you can still use a gift card if you are someone who does not have a bank account, and you want access to Hulu. You can find gift cards at most major stores, like Walmart and Best Buy, and even places like Amazon.

This is just one more move to block people living outside of Hulu’s service areas from accessing their content. Although Hulu would love to sell to you wherever you live, sadly the content owners like to resell the rights to shows for each market in an effort to get the most they can.

This is not the only move Hulu and other services, like Netflix, have undertaken to enforce their GEO restrictions. Recently Hulu and Netflix have become very aggressive blocking people using VPNs and smart DNS services to varying degrees of success.

Whereas Netflix and others are becoming more open, it will still be a slow and long process. Yet in the end the only way this war will really end is when content is available to whomever wherever.

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