Hulu Blocks Users Who Use Ad Blockers

Overnight Hulu made a small change to its website. This change will now block users who have an ad blocker active. These ad blockers block ads on a wide range of sites and even on some video ads. Hulu, at least for now, is blocking these users from using Hulu.

Update: Hulu has now commented on this story and yes if you use an ad blocker you will not be able to stream Hulu shows on Hulu also added that this has been the policy for some time at Hulu. It seems what we saw here for a bit was some ad blockers found a way around that but are now once again blocked. 

At first, users who used ad blockers saw a message that said, “There was an error streaming this content. We apologize for any inconvenience.” Later that day ad blocker users saw a message that listed the ad blocker as the issue asking them to turn it off in order to use Hulu shows. Now, this only showed up if on its website if you had an ad blocker running.

Though there seems to be some confusion on this with Hulu’s customer support. When users call Hulu some customer support agents are telling the affected users that this is a glitch that will soon be fixed. Take that with a grain of salt because many times a phone agent will say anything to get you off the phone.

If Hulu does block users who use ad blockers they will join a growing list of websites who block them.

Update: Users who pay for the ad-free version of Hulu now seem to be able to access Hulu. Users who pay for the limited-commercial version are still reporting issues.

We have reached out to Hulu for comment and will update this story when we learn more.

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