Hulu Cuts Their Price on iTunes Just in Time For Christmas

Do you subscribe to Hulu on iTunes? We have great news! This week Hulu cut their price on iTunes for their commercial-free plan.

In the past if you subscribed to Hulu’s commercial-free plan, you would be charged $11.99 on their site or $13.99 if you subscribed through iTunes. Why the difference in price? Apple charges a fee to process payments through iTunes. Hulu, YouTube TV, and others have passed that fee along to the end user by charging a little more on iTunes.

Now Hulu has quietly dropped their price on iTunes to $11.99 for both new and current subscribers who pay for Hulu with iTunes.

This means the next time you get billed for Hulu’s commercial-free plan on iTunes your bill will be $2 less expensive than last time.

If you are a new Hulu customer, Hulu is currently offering a promotion that drops the price to $5.99 a month for the limited-commercial plan. This is a limited-time deal for new customers only, so if you have been thinking about trying Hulu out I would give them a try now. Currently, you need to go to Hulu’s website to get this deal because you will not find it in the iOS or Apple TV app.

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