Hulu is Adding 1080p 60 FPS Streaming to Its Live TV Streaming Service & is Adding a Chrome App

Hulu LogoToday Hulu announced that they are adding 1080p 60 frames per second (also known as FPS) to their live TV streaming service on the Xbox One and Apple TV (4th generation or later.) Hulu says additional devices will be getting 1080p support soon.

What is FPS? Frames per second (FPS) tells you how many times the image on your screen is refreshed every second. The more frames, the smoother the image looks. For a scripted drama, 30 FPS will look great; however, for faster action, such as sports, 60 FPS makes the action look smoother on screen.

Hulu is also adding a Chrome app to make watching Hulu in your Chrome browser even better. The Hulu Chrome app gives Hulu users a new way to access Hulu on the web. Users will receive a prompt to add the Hulu app to their computer’s dock, taskbar, or start menu, which will open Hulu in a standalone window. This feature is only available on the web version of the app, for users accessing the site with Google Chrome.

Here’s what the prompt will look like:This is breaking news more coming soon.

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