Hulu is Eliminating Hulu Plus


Update: Hulu officially pulled the plug on Hulu Plus on June 16th 2015. No worries if you are a subscriber the only thing different is that it is just called Hulu now.

In a surprising move, the Hulu CEO announced last week that Hulu will be removing the “Plus” from their premium service. Hopefully this is just the start of some major changes at Hulu to address some of the main complaints about the service.

In a recent interview, Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins said having two brands is confusing. “We’re going to be Hulu minus the Plus.”

Many are speculating this may be part of a massive redesign of the Hulu site and service. Maybe even finally follow through on their plan to reduce the number of ads they show. Only time will tell, but Hulu is clearly working toward something big under their new CEO.

A name change for Hulu makes good business sense, because Hulu Plus has a poor reputation and this change, along with a few others, could be what Hulu needs to regain their spot as the second-largest streaming service in the United States. A spot that they lost to Amazon Instant last year.

Nothing truly seems to be changing—at least for now. Similar to countless other services, Hulu will continue to offer a free option but many of the features still will be hidden behind a pay wall.

So the question now is what changes would get you to subscribe to Hulu?

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