Hulu Is Working on Virtual Reality Entertainment

HuluBen Smith, Hulu’s head of experience, spoke recently at the Variety Entertainment Summit while at CES. “We are spending a lot of time on virtual reality,” Smith said, “We are spending a lot of time in incubation. Trying things, seeing what works, what doesn’t work.”

Smith went on to say, “Really spending attention to the dividing line between an experience that feels good for the first five minutes, and what you are actually going to do habitually. Day after day, or what you are going to do for two or three hours.”

Hulu is betting big on the recent release of virtual reality devices like the oculus rift and a dozen other devices shown off at CES this year. Although it is still unsure if the general public will buy into wearing a headset and diving into a virtual reality world or if it will fall short of expectations like 3-D.

Hulu hopes something like virtual reality will take off not only for the sales of the equipment but as a way to help Hulu stand out from their main competitors Netflix and Amazon. If it does take off and Hulu is the main source of entertainment they stand to possibly see a huge increase in subscribers.

Source: Variety

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