Hulu Is Launching a New Guide for Their Live TV Service

Yesterday Cord Cutters News had a great opportunity to meet one on one with Hulu to look at what they are up to.

One of the biggest announcements Hulu made was that they are working on a refresh of their live TV service including a new guide. This all comes because Hulu has been listening closely to feedback from their subscribers.

Cord Cutters News did get an early look at the new interface what we can say is the new user interface will resemble the TV guide you remember from your days with cable TV.

With this new interface, you will be able to look forward and quickly see what is on not just right now but looking forward to what is on tonight and tomorrow. An easy to use guide like this is something many Hulu subscribers with live TV have been demanding since it first launched, and Hulu says they have listened and want to offer a product their subscribers want.

Here is what you can expect with this new Hulu:

Stop Suggesting

Two other big new features are coming. First, you can ask Hulu to “Stop Suggesting” a show or movie you don’t care about. This will let Hulu know you have no interest in the show or movie and to never show it again as a suggestion.

Remove from Watch History

You will also be able to remove shows from your Watch History. No longer will you have to worry about who will see that movie you just watched. Now you can just remove it from your history, and it will vanish like it was never there.

Already Watched

Hulu will also allow subscribers to manually mark shows as watched that you didn’t stream on Hulu. That will allow Hulu to build a better understanding of what you enjoy and stop recommending shows you have seen without any negative results on your future suggestions.

Push Notifications

You may have already recently noticed push notifications from Hulu. Look for more options to enable push notifications for favorite teams or shows you select to be notified about.

When Will This Come Out?

Hulu says look for these new features to hit Hulu sometime in spring of 2018.

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