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Hulu Is Looking for Beta Testers

It looks like Hulu has big plans and needs the public’s helps. Over the weekend Hulu posted on the subreddit /r/Hulu that they are looking for private beta testers.

On /r/Hulu this post was made:

Hello, r/hulu!

In our last AMA with Ben, quite a few of you expressed interest in joining our private beta testing program and wanted to know how to score an invite. At the time, I told you I was looking for active members of this sub who frequently give feedback or help fellow redditors out with their questions about our app. Today, I’m excited to let you know that we’re turning this into an official program, with some help from r/subredditstats. If you’re ready to get in on early access, keep reading…

At the beginning of every month, I will be pulling a report that shows the 50 most active users on r/hulu, and the top 5 members who have demonstrated their eagerness and knowledge about our product will be receiving an invite to our private beta testing program. Your total engagement score will be calculated by the following formula: #Points x 20% + #Comments x 80%

We’ve decided to weigh engagement with a larger emphasis on comments than points, as points are more likely to be skewed by high-traffic posts like AMAs. Speaking of skewing, the top 5 eligible commenters per month will exclude the following:

So… without further ado, please find last month’s top commenters below. If you are on this list and eligible, you will need to send me a PM confirming you are interested in joining Beta so I can provide more info. If you are on this list but believe you have been marked ineligible by error, feel free to PM me as well. Please note that you must already also have Hulu, in addition to the other eligibility parameters.

Good luck, everyone!


Want to get in on the beta? It looks like you need to become active on /r/Hulu.

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