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Hulu is Offering a FREE Month to Users Who Had Their Super Bowl Stream Cut Off

Did you watch this year’s Super Bowl game on Hulu and had the last two minutes of the game cut off? Well, Hulu now wants to make it right by offering a free month to users who had the last two minutes of the Super Bowl cut off.

Here is a statement from Hulu on what happened:

We messed up. We’re sorry, and we wanted to let you know what happened.

During the Super Bowl last night, some of our viewers were booted out of the stream around 7:00PM PST. While most of our viewers never saw any issues and/or were able to rejoin, we know a number of you were affected, and we’re sorry.

To give some context, every event you watch on Hulu has a predetermined start time and end time. In many cases, games run over this window and then need to be extended. Last night, our extensions didn’t work correctly – and we’re looking into why that happened.

In the meantime, we wanted to be upfront with you and apologize. For some viewers, we fumbled at the end of the 4th – and that’s not acceptable, we know. If you were one of those viewers, you have every right to be disappointed with us. Feel free to contact us so we can try and make things right for you.

This offer is for a free month of Hulu’s live TV streaming service.

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