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Hulu Plans to Hire 500 New Employees For a “Viewer Experience HQ”

Need a job and want to work for Hulu? You may soon be in luck… It was reported last week that Hulu is in the process of expanding and plans to add 500 new members to the team.

In a report from Bizjournals, confirmed by Hulu, Santa Monica, California, and Alamo City, Texas, are the top two finalists for Hulu’s expansion.

We are not certain what Hulu plans to do with a new “Viewer Experience” headquarters, but it does plan to hire 300 new employees before the end of 2017 and as many as 500 new employees over the next few years.

What kind of jobs these will be is unknown but the hiring of up to 500 new employees could point to a possible new in-house phone and customer support center. We do know that starting this month Hulu plans to offer 24/7 customer support both online and by phone and many think this new headquarters will be to service the expanded customer service. (Currently Hulu phone support is only offered for limited hours.)

Many have reported that this is preparation for Hulu’s new live TV streaming service. It seems that not only does Hulu want to offer a great new live TV service but it is also dedicated to offering great customer service.

So if you need a job and live in the area, or are willing to move, make sure to keep an eye on the Hulu job boards.

Source: BizJournals

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