Hulu Plans to Take on Sling TV and PlayStation Vue…

Hulu_logoThe market for live TV streamed online is about to get more crowded as Hulu is looking to join in.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Hulu is partnering with Disney and Fox to offer live content through Hulu. The price is rumored to start at $40 a month and includes ESPN, ABC, Fox, and FX, but it will likely include other stations. There is also no word on whether this price is on top of the normal Hulu subscription price or if that will be included.

The deal would give you live streams of their channels and on demand content likely similar to what you get from Hulu now.

There is so much we do not know about the deal right now, and no official announcement has been made. We do not know the whole picture; however, this is one more competitor getting into the market of streaming live TV to you without the need for a long-term cable TV contract. With Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, regional cable options, and even Direct TV jumping into the market later this year the war for your streaming dollar is only just getting started.

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