Hulu Plus Mobile App Updated – You Can Now Control Hulu on PS3, PS4, And Xbox One With Your Phone

I just finished testing out the new Hulu Plus app and was surprised at how well the new remote control feature for PS3, PS4, and Xbox One. I tested it out on my PS3 and the ability to send a show to my PS3 from my phone worked very similar to the Cromecast and Youtube apps.

You can also control the stream with your phone. Pausing, rewinding, and jumping forward to just name a few of the features you can control. With very little set up the app just detected that I had a PS3 and worked great. I had rarely used my PS3 for Hulu always going to the Roku as it worked better. Now with the updated app I will be using my PS3 for Hulu.

This is a huge jump forward for Hulu in usability. Their app on my PS3 has always been slow to browse and this makes it a snap. Now I just hope they bring this out for the Roku and Fire TV.