Hulu Wants to Create Ads Targeting Binge Watchers

Recently we learned that Hulu planned to cut the number of ads per break. Hulu also recently cut the price of their streaming service with ads by $2. Many have wondered how Hulu can do cut its price and number of ads.  Now we have learned that Hulu plans to counter some of this by offering new types of ads like binge advertising.

In an interview with AdAge Hulu’s Head of Ad Sales Peter Naylor said, “We know if someone watched the first, second, third episode in a row, they’re binging. That’s an opportunity to create some kind of binge advertising.”

Naylor didn’t say what that would look like, but this comes after Hulu started to test pause screen ads. These ads pop up on your screen when you pause your TV.

Many streaming services are looking for ways to keep prices low by finding new ads. The balance here is how to raise money with ads without making people stop watching.

One of the ways services like Netflix and Hulu have been growing is in show ads. Have you ever noticed everyone is driving a Ford, using a Samsung phone, or drinking a Coke? Typically, that is because these companies have paid for their products to be featured in the show.

So the question is are you willing to see ads in exchange for cheaper streaming services? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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