Hulu Will Get All Upcoming 20th Century Studios’ Made-for-Streaming Movies

There for a while, it looked like Hulu kept losing content with no promising sources for replenishing. But now, 20th Century Studios President Steve Asbell says the Hulu will be home to all of the Studio’s upcoming non-theatrical releases.

Despite taking over his role as President during some of the toughest recent years in the industry thanks to Covid, Asbell told The Hollywood Reporter the studio is actually churning out more movies than ever.

“Thanks to this increase in streaming output, with the exception of a few titles, all of our movies will launch on Hulu domestically, Star+ internationally, which allows us to make the genres that we love, genres that Disney doesn’t make in the other divisions, and that we haven’t been able to play with as much in recent years,” Asbell said. “Comedy, thriller, young adult, horror. We get more of these at-bats, and we can make more bets on new talent.”

Asbell went on to say that streaming titles will lean heavily on Original releases, while more established titles (like Avatar and the upcoming Free Guy sequel) will still get the theatrical release treatment.

“In order to meet the volume that we are looking at — which is, by 2023, 10-plus movies just for streaming — it’s going to be a combination of originals in those genres.”