Hulu with Live TV Reaches 4M Subscribers in Q4 2021

In Disney’s Q4 2021 earnings report today, the company shared updated subscriber numbers for each of its streaming services, including both Hulu and Hulu with Live TV.

Hulu with Live now has 4 million subscribers, according to today’s report, and Hulu SVOD has 39.7 million subscribers. That’s a 20% increase for the combined services, year over year.

The NFL likely helped the streaming service to gain more subscribers, with NFL Network joining the basic channel lineup on Hulu with Live TV and the addition of a sports add-on featuring NFL RedZone.

The newest subscriber numbers keep Hulu with Live in the top spot when it comes to live TV streaming services. YouTube last shared numbers for YouTube TV in Q3 2020 when the subscriber count was 3 million. Sling TV released its numbers on August 9, with the service coming in at 2.44 million subscribers. fuboTV shared on November 9 that it has reached 1 million subscribers.