Hulu Is Working on Improving Their Recommendations

Hulu12016 has been a busy year for Hulu: from dropping their free streaming option to adding new networks along with a plan to release a live TV streaming service.

Now Hulu has acquired the assets to The Video Genome Project, a company that focuses on automatically aggregating meta data around video content. They use this to better classify subgenres and other data to give better recommendations.

So what does that all mean? In short Hulu wants to use the technology of The Video Genome Project to help people find new shows and movies to watch.

This goes far beyond just people who viewed this movie also watched this. The Video Genome Project takes a bigger picture look at what you watch and helps it recommend movies and shows based on a wide range of criteria.

Hulu is hoping this will drive up viewing, which results in more ads being watched and more revenue being generated for Hulu.

“Personalization has been big change for us as we think about putting the user first in the center of their entertainment experience,” explains Hulu’s Head of Experience, Ben Smith, about the deal. “There are thousands of things to watch on Hulu, but the more things you have, the harder it gets to choose. That’s the paradox of choice,” he added.

Now that Hulu owns The Video Genome Project it will likely take some time before Hulu subscribers see the benefits.

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    m m November 17, 2016 at 5:23 am #

    How about some UHD content instead?