Hulu’s Ownership Just Changed & Will Change Again Soon

This week Hulu’s ownership quietly but slightly changed. Not only that but soon Hulu’s ownership will change again. Since its launch no one company has had a majority share in Hulu since they launched; however, that will likely be changing soon.

Disney, FOX, and Comcast currently own equal shares with Time Warner owning a 10% nonvoting share in Hulu. That will be changing as Time Warner’s shares will soon be owned by AT&T and Comcast and Disney fight for FOX’s shares.

This week a federal court approved the merger of Time Warner and AT&T. Now that AT&T has closed the deal and AT&T now owns a 10% stake in Hulu as a nonvoting member. Time Warner recently took 10% ownership of Hulu as part of a deal to bring Time Warner’s content to Hulu’s new live TV streaming service.

Now the big change in Hulu’s ownership will come when FOX chooses Disney or Comcast to be the new owner of their Hulu shares. This sale will give Comcast or Disney a majority ownership of Hulu.

In the next year or two Hulu will, for the first time, have a majority owner. This will give Disney or Comcast the ability to directly control Hulu’s day-to-day operations.

The questions now are who will win and what will they do with their new majority ownership of Hulu. For now though even if a deal is announced this month it will likely take a year or longer for the deal to close.

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