There is a New Streaming Service About to Launch Called FandangoNow…

fandangonow-logoThere is about to be one more streaming service for cord cutters to choose from. Fandango is going to release their new steaming service, FandangoNow, as part of its purchase of M-Go.

At its core FandangoNow will be M-Go and all of your purchases from M-Go will still be there, but Fandango wants to take it to the next level.

“We want to host the movie experience across the total life cycle of a movie,” Fandango President Paul Yanover said in an interview.

When asked why the name change Yanover said “M-Go built a really great product, but not many people know what M-Go is,”

Fandango plans to not only stream movies but also sell movie tickets through their new service in hopes of offering a start-to-finish experience for movie lovers. From finding a new movie to buying tickets and in the end buying the movie Fandango wants to be your go-to service.

M-Go was originally owned by Dreamworks Animation and Technicolor and was launched in 2012. They gained a lot of traction in the streaming community through a deal with Roku to make them a featured app and store on Rokus.

FandangoNow will work with smart TVs like Samsung, LG, and VIZIO. It will also work with Roku and Chromecast streaming players or on your phone/tablet with Android and iOS or on your PC/Mac.

The launch of FandangoNow and rebranding of M-Go apps should be completed before April 1 when the new Star Wars movie becomes available for streaming.

Source: Variety

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