Investors Have Growing Concern about Viacom’s Anti-Cord Cutting Stance

Earlier this year Viacom took a hard anti-cord cutting stance. It pulled its popular stations MTV, Spike TV, Comedy Central, and others from services such as Hulu and PlayStation Vue. It also decided not to strike deals with newcomers such as YouTube TV.

Now that seems to be coming back to bite it as the New York Times reports Deutsche Bank has rated Viacom a sell. Deutsche Bank went on to say that it sees future negotiations with distributors as “challenging.”

One of the main reasons Deutsche Bank listed Viacom as a sell is the fact that it is not on many cord cutting-friendly services. Limited channels on Sling TV and DIRECTV NOW are its only cord cutting streaming options. No Hulu, YouTube TV, or PlayStation Vue.

The troubles don’t stop there because Charter has recently moved five of Viacom’s flagship channels to its highest priced package making it unlikely most will subscribe to the channels.

Put it all together and it is looking like investors are starting to become concerned about the future of Viacom.

For now we will have to wait and see if Viacom becomes the first major cord cutting victim but for now its position is looking questionable.

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