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Investors Have Growing Concern about Viacom’s Anti-Cord Cutting Stance

Earlier this year Viacom took a hard anti-cord cutting stance. It pulled its popular stations MTV, Spike TV, Comedy Central, and others from services such as Hulu and PlayStation Vue. It also decided not to strike deals with newcomers such as YouTube TV.

Now that seems to be coming back to bite it as the New York Times reports Deutsche Bank has rated Viacom a sell. Deutsche Bank went on to say that it sees future negotiations with distributors as “challenging.”

One of the main reasons Deutsche Bank listed Viacom as a sell is the fact that it is not on many cord cutting-friendly services. Limited channels on Sling TV and DIRECTV NOW are its only cord cutting streaming options. No Hulu, YouTube TV, or PlayStation Vue.

The troubles don’t stop there because Charter has recently moved five of Viacom’s flagship channels to its highest priced package making it unlikely most will subscribe to the channels.

Put it all together and it is looking like investors are starting to become concerned about the future of Viacom.

For now we will have to wait and see if Viacom becomes the first major cord cutting victim but for now its position is looking questionable.

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  • Jimmy Sterling

    These people is charge of Viacome obviously are dicks and very stubborn… Viacome is gonna fold eventually either get with the program or they will not be around too much longer just get over it already streaming is getting more popular by the day… I suggest they jump on board

    • David Tate Sr

      I agree just tired of the Greedy. Co s They are the richest of people who still can’t get enough. I hope Comcast and the greedy bunch go broke! !!!

  • Vegas Steve

    This sort of outcome may be a wake up call for Viacom. And maybe a lesson to all the other dinosaurs.

  • David Batten

    Tic – Toc, Tic – Toc, Tic – Toc

  • charles perry

    Notice that Sling Tv is not on Viacom’s hit list. I assume this is because they can’t afford to tick off Dish Network, Sling’s parent company. Same deal with Directv Now and AT&T.

  • pnh

    Those who refuse to realize that they have to change with the times: Kodak, Blockbuster, Viacom. Same end result.

    • Don K

      Yep. A few more examples: Blackberry, Polaroid, Xerox, MySpace.

      • techloveArtist

        There is a sad irony about Xerox. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dynabook

        • Matt Wolfgang

          I haven’t even clicked the link, but it has to be Xerox PARC.

          • Matt Wolfgang

            It isn’t, but everyone who has ever thought about creating a product should be aware. Xerox created and gave away much of what we call computers/networking today:

      • Anthony DiPaola

        As long as there are people who still use Kodak and Polaroid, and still use Myspace, and still use cable, then it will still be around. They’re not going anywhere and that’s how I feel just as how you feel.

  • Bill Eastman

    They get what they asked for ?

  • cg

    This is good news actually. Viacom isn’t dead yet and they have time to get with the program. At the end of the day, it is all about what Investors want…I think by this time next year, we might get to watch Viacom shows on PlayStation Cue, which would be who I use, but I am not there yet.

    • Anthony DiPaola

      Plus good news for the cable industry, of which I’m a big supporter.

  • Leameana Margaret Davis

    it’s not just cord cutting services. Suddenlink also cut ties with them here where i live so cable companies are having a hard time with them as well

  • donkey_kong

    Maybe not so much that they are anti cord cutting, but the fact nobody misses their channels speaks for their declining product quality. Spike TV is hardly a backbone for a media empire.

  • Biggambit

    When will these cable companies learn we tolerated them because we had to back in the day basic cable was around $20 to $30 and anyone who wanted movie channels got it. I watch local and under 8 channels on cable basic cable and my bill is $140 a month thats ridiculous, they pack all these unnecessary channels on package to jack up price on bill. Who needs 5 to 6 hbo, cinemax, Showtime and all those stupid satalight music channels no one i know listen to music on their tv’s. Either get with the program and let customers choose what channels they want and deduct what they don’t, or close shop.

  • Joey Berg

    pulling comedy central from hulu lost viacom a lot of eyeballs and hulu a lot of subscribers. the notion that a lack of viacom content will provoke subscribers into going back to their 1990’s era cabletv boxes is ridiculous as there are simply too many other sources of comedy satire, music videos and fictional teenage drama.

  • bobinc

    Viacom is like a the owner of the worst restaurant in town but even though everyone says their food is the worst insist it is the greatest stuff ever made and ride that statement to the day they are forced to close the doors. Need to adapt to survive. You want a “non-sports” setup fine but maybe you should have made it before pulling your stuff from everyone. Maybe in the aftermath their channels will fold and we can get a Comedy channel that is funny again a music video channel that plays music videos and a few channels that are for more than 1 group of people.

    • David Tate Sr

      Your so right. Thank you

  • Chris Dorgan

    This is why they want data caps on internet to try and stop the streaming but as everybody knows they need to stop pushing back and start thinking ahead , Just think if one of these big cable companies just started a pick what you want to stream their stock would rocket because everybody would jump on it

  • BigO

    Granted, the cord-cutting world is not nearly as large as the subscribers to cable (yet), but it is a growing segment which I do not think any company should ignore.

    Side Note: I know more than a few people who have simply stopped watching Viacom content because of them pulling their shows from streaming services.

  • Mike Thaler

    We’ve been on YTTV for almost 2 months now. Took me a couple weeks, but discovered Roku has access to the Comedy Central channel (so we can watch Daily Show even w.o. waiting til 11PM PDT). Roku can also access TBS and TNT. All we miss is CNN.
    What does Viacom et. al have to gain by restricting access from some providers? I don’t think people will stick w. cable or some wholly owned other provider just to get one channel.

    • CNN isn’t even Viacom anyway, it’s Time Warner. So YouTube is probably working on that.