Is Pluto TV Considering Adding Locals, Watchlists & Premium Content?

Pluto TV is surveying its users and the questions are giving us some insight about possible new features and content that could be coming to the free streaming service.

After asking some of the usual questions about the user’s demographic and viewing habits, the survey asks about changes the user would like to see the service implement. Options include a longer daily guide, a less confusing guide, less buffering, the option to tag favorites to create a watchlist, the option to quickly flip back to the last channel watches, a personalized channel list, a DVR, and a search feature.

Image: CCN reader screenshot

The next question asks the user to choose which genres they’d like to see more content under. Options include kids, sports, Spanish, news, classic TV, on-demand movies, adult, and content with fewer commercials.

There are also a couple of more interesting options on the list: local stations, local news stations, and paid/premium content. It’s possible that Pluto TV is looking into adding curated local feeds similar to STIRR‘s STIRR City setup where users can choose the city closest to them and see local news and entertainment in their free streaming guide. When it comes to premium content, ViacomCBS could be looking at more ways to monetize their free service by offering premium subscriptions alongside the free lineup, like The Roku Channel.

Image: CCN reader screenshot

This is when we need to add the disclaimer that none of these changes are confirmed. Streaming services send out surveys like this one often, to gauge interest in content and features. It could be months before we see any changes, and we’ll likely never see some of these features go into effect at all. That said, some of these options would address the most common questions and complaints we hear about Pluto TV (looking at you, personalized channel list) and could make this CCN reader favorite service even more popular with streamers looking for a great free service.