Jerry Bruckheimer In Talks With Netflix Over Possible Partnership

Jerry Bruckheimer in a recent interview with Bloomberg said announced he has been in talks with Netflix over a possible partnership.

“We’ve talked to them about some things,” Jerry Bruckheimer told Bloomberg. “Unfortunately we haven’t kind of clicked yet.”

No further details have been released and Netflix has not commented but Jerry Bruckheimer is the latest in a long list of celebrities in talks with Netflix.  Ricky Gervais and Michael C. Hall both announced in the last few weeks that they have been in talks with Netflix.

Netflix is clearly making a hard push to lock down more original content from big name stars. As the market heats up with Hulu and Amazon making a hard push at Netflix dominance in the online streaming market. Even new comers like Yahoo launching 4 new comedies on their Yahoo Screen service and established companies like NBCUniversal creating 12 direct to the web shows.

Netflix is clearly trying to make the statement that is a great time to be canceling you cable bill and moving into online services like Netflix. They are seeking the next big franchise in addition to ‘House of Cards’ and ‘Orange is The New Black’ to say they can revile anything HBO or Showtime can offer at a fraction of the cost.

Well no deals are final the increasing buzz leads us to believe something from Netflix is coming soon.