‘Jungle Cruise’ Breaks into Nielsen’s Streaming Chart While Still Behind Premier Access Paywall

Viewers have been doing a lot of Netflix streaming lately. Two of the platform’s shows are neck and neck as the top-viewed titles for the week ending Aug. 1. The sports drama about a Beverly Hills High School team has the most viewing minutes across all categories for the week at 1,433 million minutes over its 51 episodes. The series is under the acquired category since it originally aired on the CW.

In second place overall is Netflix’s popular original Outer Banks which returned for its second season this summer, putting it at 1,423 million minutes across 20 episodes.

In Movies, Netflix once again took the lead with Blood Red Sky accumulating 387 million minutes of streaming time, with Disney+’s animated film Luca in second place, and Jungle Cruise in third. It’s significant that the Dwayne Johnson/Emily Blunt blockbuster has made it into the top 10 streaming charts since it’s still under the Disney+ Premier Access paywall of $30.

John B. and the Pogues in Outer Banks also made it to the No. 1 spot as far as Originals, followed by Virgin River which has just about half as much viewing time as the leader with 782 million minutes. Never Have I Ever and Love is Blind took the third and fourth spots, followed by Atypical. All titles but Bosch (Amazon) and Loki (Disney+) were on Netflix.

In the Acquired category, Cocomelon ranked under All American with 718 million minutes, followed by Grey’s Anatomy and Manifest. The latter has caused quite the stir since getting canceled by NBC and now has officially been picked up for a fourth and final season by Netflix.