Kansas Cable TV Provider Ends TV Service to Focuses on Streaming As Cord Cutting Grows

Scissors cutting cordRainbow Communications, a telecommunications service provider offering cable and internet services in Northeast Kansas, has announced that they will end TV service on June 30, 2020, and help customers switch to streaming.

In a letter to customers, Rainbow Communications noted that 80% of their customers’ internet traffic comes from watching video online. In an effort to provide quality service and meet customer needs, the company has decided to focus on delivering the “best internet experience possible” while ending TV service.

“You’ve probably heard about streaming TV,” the letter says. “Streaming is watching TV over your internet connection, and now with new applications, you can stream shows on television sets. While Rainbow will not be your TV provider moving forward, your new digital picture and sound can be delivered over our Rainbow internet service. When you combine our high-speed internet with HD-picture, the clarity will surprise you.”

Rainbow is offering a Streaming Care program, beginning in February, to help those customers who want to make the switch from cable to streaming.

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