Some Kodi Add-Ons Are Monitoring End Users Looking For Piracy

Authentic scrambled reception on a TV screenThe battle to stop piracy from third-party Kodi add-ons is now targeting end users.

For months now we have seen content owners go after add-on developers and box sellers who promote Kodi add-ons as a way to get free content. Now they seem to be switching their focus to stopping end users from using piracy add-ons by installing software on Kodi devices to scan what add-ons you are using.

How are content owners getting the ability to scan your add-ons? Recently a growing number of Kodi skins have included software called KN Addon Caretaker. When a Kodi user installs one of the skins with this add-on, they receive a warning: “You have one or more unauthorized repositories installed.”

For now all the add-ons are doing is warning end users that they have unauthorized add-ons; however, this software could someday be used to prove that users are illegally streaming pirated content through a Kodi add-on if they ever want to sue Kodi users who pirate content similar to people who used torrented content.

For now content owners seem content to go after add-on creators and box sellers who promote piracy; however, they have clearly started to turn attention to end users who pirate content through Kodi add-ons. How far they want to take that is still up in the air.

Source: Independent

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