Latest Rumors Suggest Apple’s Working on a Smart Speaker-Apple TV Combo Device

The latest rumors surrounding Apple’s efforts in the streaming and smart home segments suggest the company is eyeing a multipurpose device that would significantly expand on what current Apple TV models are capable of. Bloomberg reported that Apple is exploring a new device that merges its HomePod speaker tech with Apple TV.

If that sounds vaguely similar to Roku’s approach with its speaker line, including the recent Streambar, you’re not alone. However, the report suggests Apple could have loftier goals in mind with its take on a smart home combo device. The rumors suggest this new device could also include a camera for FaceTime calls via a connected display and voice recognition via Siri.

The report also says Apple could be developing a second smart home device that combines a speaker with a touchscreen. That might go toe-to-toe with the likes of Amazon’s Echo Show line or Facebook’s Portal devices.

There’s no timeline associated with either products, but the report says both are still in the early stages of development. Apple could certainly change significant parts of these products — or not release them at all. In any case, we’ll continue to follow Apple’s activity in the streaming and smart home categories.