LG’s Fancy Rollable OLED TV Gets A $100,000 Price Tag in the US

It’s been an attention-grabbing showpiece at LG’s CES booths in recent years, but the company’s rollable OLED TV finally has a US list price: $100,000. What started out as a fancy prototype in 2018 is now popping up on LG’s US site as an actual product, with preorders reportedly starting in August.

The TV’s main claim to fame, other than the typically impressive image quality that’s inherent to LG’s OLED models, is undoubtedly its hideaway mechanism. Essentially, when it’s not in use, the LG Signature OLED R curls in on itself and retracts into a base unit to stay out of sight until needed. It was unveiled partly to show off the company’s advances in flexible OLED displays, but it’s now available to order as a consumer product.

As for its other specs, the 4K OLED R boasts onboard ATSC 3.0 support for NextGen TV and all four of its HDMI ports are of the latest 2.1 variety. Both ATSC 3.0 and HDMI 2.1 are still relatively premium features, but you’d likely expect them on a $100K TV. And, as is usually the case with LG’s TVs, you’ll have the webOS smart TV platform on board as well.

One of these prices is not like the others.
Image: LG.com

Earlier reports mentioned an “Add to Cart” button on the OLED R’s product page, but we haven’t spotted it in our most recent visit to the page. In any case, The Verge is reporting that preorders are expected to start in August, so that gives shoppers some time to gather the necessary funds.

Featured Image: LG