Locast Brings Free Live Local Channels to Indianapolis

Locast, a free streaming service delivering local broadcast TV channels, is now available in the Indianapolis area.

“For the first time, more than 3 million residents in Indianapolis and surrounding cities will be able to watch their local TV stations on their phones, tablets, laptops or streaming media devices,” said Locast Founder and Chairman David Goodfriend. “When dealing with health, safety, or participation in our democracy through voting, Locast performs a critical public service by increasing access to local broadcast TV channels.”

Goodfriend added, “Through Locast, Hoosiers can stay on top of local emergency information or enjoy watching professional football – on the go, over the Internet. We are working diligently to make local broadcast more accessible, especially for those who cannot get local TV channels from an off-air antenna or cannot afford a pay-TV subscription.”

Channels on the service for viewers in Indianapolis include WRTV6 ABC, WTHR13 NBC, WTTV4 CBS, FOX59, WISH, WFYI PBS, PBS Kids, MOVIES!, Telemundo, TruCrime Network, Bounce, Antenna TV, The CW, CourtTV, GRIT, NewsNet, Daystar, and more.

Locast is run by a nonprofit organization and rebroadcasts local stations. The service asks users for monthly donations as low as $5 to help cover operating costs. You can watch on TiVo, Android and iOS, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon, and Roku, as well as with Dish and DirecTV.

The service is available in the Indianapolis area, including nearby cities such as Bloomington, Kokomo and Muncie. Visit locast.org to see if your area is covered and to get your full channel lineup.