Locast Update Allows Users to Create Profiles, Set Favorites & Use Closed Captioning

Locast has updated its app and added a few highly requested features. Locast users can now create profiles, set and rearrange their favorite channels, and use closed captioning. Here’s a look at how to use each of the new features.

To create a new user profile:

  • Open Locast and click the circle icon in the upper right corner to display the user menu
  • Click the plus sign to add a User Profile
  • Enter the profile name
  • Click Save

To set a channel as a favorite:

  • Click the heart outline on the right of the channel and the heart will be filled in
  • Click the “Favorites” button to view your favorite channels
  • Change the order of your favorites by clicking on the 3 horizontal lines on the left of the channel and dragging the channel to a new spot
  • Each user profile can set their own favorite channels

To turn on closed captioning:

  • On Streaming Devices: Click on your Profile icon on the top menu and look for the Closed Captioning option just below Favorite Channels
  • On the Locast Website: Enable and disable Closed Captioning with the CC icon in the bottom left of the streaming window
  • On Mobile: Closed Captioning can be enabled and disabled via User Profile Preferences under your profile

Locast offers local broadcast TV in 33 markets via the internet for free, though the service will frequently ask for a $5 donation until that donation is set up by the user. Locast says that offering the channels is a public service offering news, weather, sports, entertainment, and emergency information to viewers via internet connected devices.