Looking for a ISP Without a Data Cap? Here Are the ISPs Who Let you Stream All You Want…

Static (Medium)We all love to stream a ton of movies and TV shows. Add in gaming, Facebook, and hundreds of other great online services. Yet the downside of all of this great content online is the fact that it eats up your data cap quickly.

With some Internet Service Providers having caps as low as 150GB a month it is important to understand what cap you have and if you have a option without a cap.

So here is a list of all the ISPs that do not have a data ca. (To the best of our ability to find them.)

Verizon FiOS

Time Warner Cable






Cincinnati Bell

Google Fiber


Also some Comcast/Xfinity markets do not have data caps but it looks like they are slowly rolling out 300GB data caps in other markets.

Here are some ISPs with high data caps:

Cable America 1TB/monthly

Cox 500GB (Some Plans)

A possible work around:

Many ISPs offer higher plans that are data cap free. So if you use a lot of data and are stuck with a data cap it maybe worth asking if they have a plan without a data cap. It could be a lot cheaper than paying the $10 per every 50GB over your data cap some ISPs are charging.

Do you know of more ISPs with no caps or more friendly/flexible cap? Leave it in the comment so everyone knows what ISPs they should buy from.

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