Major League Baseball In Talks To Remove Regional Blackouts From


Red Sox COO, Sam Kennedy, announced today in an interview on Boston’s Zolak & Bertrand show, that MLB are in talks to remove regional blackouts from their MLB.TV service. This would be the first major sport in America to make all of their games available online without regional blackouts.

In the interview Sam Kennedy said, “this is something that needs to happen”. Pointing out that most millennials today get their content on laptops, tablets, and phones, he stated that MLB needs to be where the next generation of fans are.

 currently offers full games live, and on demand replays, with two different subscription packages. First, they have a premium package that allows you to stream it to your phone or TV through devices like game systems for @24.99 a month, or $129.99 a year. They also have a laptop and other device plan for $19.99 a month, or $109.99 a year.

Sam Kennedy did not give an exact date that blackouts will end. In fact, he said they are only in talks right now, but he hopes that blackouts will end later this season or before the 2016 season. Currently, all Spring Training games on MLB.TV are free of any blackout restrictions.

Only time will tell; but if HBO Now has shown us anything it is that once one network jumps on the cord cutting bandwagon many more join in. Hopefully, the same thing happens with other major sports like the NFL.

You can find the full interview here:

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