Make Sure You Know Which Roku 3 Model You Are Buying

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If you are looking for the new Roku 3 with voice control or the new faster Roku 2 be very careful at the store.

Recently it was discovered that some Walmart locations have displays up showing the new Roku line up, but when you go to grab the new Roku, Walmart has the old Roku models for the price of the new one.

2015-04-22 20.29.00 (Large)
As you can see Walmart clearly shows the new box, new remote, with the new features in the display. Yet when you go to buy the new box you find this:

2015-04-22 20.29.31 (Large)



It is the old Roku 3 box, but at the $98.00 price that Walmart advertises the new Roku 3 for on their site. They even have the “as advertised” logo next to it. On that model of the Roku 3 goes for only $84.

We did stop and look around, but did not find any other Roku 3 for sale in the store.

2015-04-22 20.29.22 (Large)

We did talk with a staff member at Walmart and asked if they had the new box. The staff member at first tried to tell us that was the new box and only after we pointed out it was not the new box did they say “We must be trying to clear out old inventory.”

So if you go to Walmart or any store to buy your new Roku 3 make sure you are getting the new Roku 3. The box for the new Roku 3 looks like this:


The new Roku 2 box looks like this:



If you really want to be sure you are going to get the new box you may want to buy it on the Roku site or from their site by CLICKING HERE.

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