‘Manifest’ and ‘Virgin River’ Top Nielsen’s Top 10 List

Since NBC announced that “Manifest” was being canceled after three seasons, the series has seen a second wave of fans on Netflix. The loyal fanbase kept “Manifest” in the top spot of acquired content on Nielsen’s weekly top ten list again for the week of July 12-18. Fans have been rallying for the show to be renewed by either NBC or Netflix, and with the popularity the series has seen since being cancelled, there’s a chance that we’ll see a fourth season after all.

On the original content list, “Virgin River” on Netflix took the top spot, with fans of the show coming back to watch the third season. “Loki” on Disney+ took the second spot now that all six episodes from the first season are available on the streaming service.

Nielsen measures content from Amazon Prime, Disney+, Hulu, and Netflix for its weekly top ten lists.