Many Services The Fire TV Charge For Are FREE on Roku Players

roku-express-1Roku has been known as the streaming player with the most streaming services. Now it looks like Roku players are also the streaming service that’s free when other players charge for channels.

On Roku players these services are supported with ads. There is something to be said about having it ad free but it would be nice if you had an opportunity to decide if you want them free with ads or ad-free for $5 a month.

Here are a few services that are free on Roku but cost $5 on the Fire TV.


From Roku:

From Oscar-nominees to films straight from cinemas and top festivals, we offer the best real life stories FREE on demand. Tired of browsing channels filled with movies that have nothing to offer? Explore Docurama and discover movies worth watching.

You can find Docurama for free on Roku here:

You can subscribe to Docurama on the Fire TV here:


From Roku:

The best collection of high-quality documentary programs anywhere. History, science, space, nature, adventure—XiveTV has it all: from sharks and war to UFOs, black holes, and much more! Enjoy the best shows on almost any subject, hand-picked by the documentary lovers at XiveTV.

You can find XiveTV for free on Roku here:

You can subscribe to XiveTV on the Fire TV here:


From Roku:

CONtv, the first digital destination devoted to all things fandom, instantly streams video of genre movies, TV shows, and live panels straight from the convention to your Roku so you can immerse yourself in the Comic Con experience—anytime, anywhere. Need we say more?

You can add CONtv to your Roku here:

You can subscribe to CONtv to your Fire TV here:

Roku has long made most of their money from ads. It seems content owners also see ads as a better way to make money on Roku rather than a monthly subscription service.

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3 Responses to Many Services The Fire TV Charge For Are FREE on Roku Players

  1. Avatar
    Roy Aguilera October 14, 2016 at 9:40 am #

    There is 3 total on this list. Where are the many?

    • Avatar
      rcolbeck October 14, 2016 at 5:49 pm #

      Lol bait!

  2. Avatar
    mwsasser October 16, 2016 at 9:24 am #

    CONtv looks like it fits in nicely for folks of the geeky persuasion. But Docurama seems to be very political in it’s selection of videos.