Mark Wahlberg is Making a Docuseries About MoviePass

A docuseries about MoviePass is being developed by Mark Wahlberg’s Unrealistic Ideas in partnership with Assemble Media and Insider. The series will tell the story of the rise and fall of the movie ticket subscription service.

Deadline reports that the series will be based on coverage from Insider reporter Jason Guerrasio who had been covering the service from its success in 2017 to its end in 2019.

“Featuring exclusive first-hand accounts from the MoviePass founders who watched the company they built destroyed by Wall Street greed, along with company insiders and industry experts, the project will provide an inside look at how players in the investor class can rig the game to ensure their payday regardless of the carnage they leave behind. It will also include the perspective of ambitious young employees and passionate MoviePass users who helped fuel a movie-going revolution that was cut short,” producers said, according to Deadline.

The company shut down in September 2019, after rumors of financial troubles and a security breach that exposed tens of thousands of customer credit cards. In January 2020, the company filed for bankruptcy, bringing an official end to the subscription service.

There’s no word yet on when the docuseries will be available or where we’ll be able to watch, but Wahlberg’s history of working with HBO makes HBO Max a strong possibility.