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Here Are The Markets That DIRECTV NOW Offers Local Channels In

abc2Here are all the markets that DIRECTV NOW offers local channels:


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From DIRECTV NOW’s Site:

What you can watch varies by your plan and your current location. Local channels are available based on the market area of your billing zip code.

Unavailable channels
  • CBS & CW local channels.
  • NBC local channels (unavailable using streaming devices or Apple TV).
  • Disney Channel, Disney JR, Disney XD and Freeform (unavailable with Internet Explorer 11/Windows 10).

Can I watch local channels from other parts of the country?

DIRECTV NOW offers local channels within specified market areas. Your eligibility is dependent on your billing zip code, and your access depends on the physical location of the device.

Access to local channels depends upon the licensing agreements DIRECTV NOW has with local markets at your current location. Local, regional, and national providers hold the streaming and broadcast rights to these channels in local markets. AT&T continues to work with providers to add local streaming options.

Unfortunately, NBC local channels are currently unavailable using streaming devices or smart TVs. Check back here for updates.

Note:  If streaming from a mobile device, local channel availability is dependent upon your billing zip code and the current physical location of the device.

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