Marvel’s ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ Delayed Until 2021

What was supposed to be the first MCU Original to hit the Disney+ platform now isn’t scheduled to be released until sometime next year. Disney+ has confirmed that The Falcon and the Winter Soldier won’t premiere until 2021. The mini-series was first delayed until August 2020, but production took a hit in the months leading up due to the coronavirus pandemic shutdowns and the month passed with no sign of a release.

Disney updated the description with an ambiguous date of “Fall 2020,” but recent updates confirm The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will be a 2021 release. Now it’s obvious WandaVision will be the first MCU Original to land on the streaming service since Disney recently confirmed it will launch sometime in 2020.

Marvel fans finally have a first glimpse at the trailer for WandaVision, which Disney+ just released this week. The one minute, 20-second trailer shows Wanda and Vision as a happy couple living in a classic 1950’s American sitcom setting reminiscent of The Dick Van Dyke Show, but hints at the chaos that is soon to ensue, as one would expect for two superheroes despite living an ideal suburban life.

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